How to build a piano studio

full of strong music readers

Learn a powerful way to enable your students to easily read music

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  • Teach your beginner students to thoroughly know four octaves of notes on the music staff and how they relate to the notes on the piano so they will become strong music readers
  • Enable your students to read and play a lot of music, which causes fast progress and musical growth
  • Enjoy being free to really teach and inspire your students with the love of music
  • Revolutionize your studio!

Remove the roadblock to music reading so that none of your students get stuck there again!

What is in the course ...

Free Course

Receive 3 video modules sent to you by email


Music Readers Formula will show you a simple and powerful formula to enable your beginner students to become strong music readers.

I am going to cover the psychology of learning and memory, and how to apply it in successfully teaching beginners to read music.

I will show how to harness the power of storytelling and other powerful teaching tools that really work and that kids just love.

I’ll show you a systematized way to use those teaching tools so that in the first year of lessons your beginners can securely learn four octaves of notes and learn to effortlessly read the music in their piano books.

It doesn’t change the way you teach, and only takes five or so minutes each piano lesson, but those five minutes are just so powerful! They will open the door of music to your beginner students so that they can have a lot of music passing through them all the time. All that music will cause them to grow musically and progress quickly. You'll be amazed!

In the course I will show you footage of actual beginners in real piano lessons, where you'll see them learning and benefiting from this way of teaching. You’ll watch them go from the very beginning, from “zero”, to knowing four octaves of notes and becoming strong music readers.

It’s easy to do, it really works, and beginner students just love it!

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Enabling students to take in lots of music makes all the difference! The music makes them grow!